Veterans Grant and Per Diem Program

601 N. Grape Street
Medford, OR  97501
Call 541-779-8564

Veterans in Recovery

A Program of the Interfaith Care Community

Veterans In Recovery Program is a non-profit program that assists veterans and non-veterans with the process of reintegration from the justice system into the community, many of whom are in drug and alcohol recovery. Our program refers veterans and non-veterans with addiction issues to Twelve Step programs within Jackson County. We provide mentoring services through the Access to Recovery 3 Program (ATR3).

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Some of our current activities include cookouts on the V.A. grounds in White City, Oregon; as a partner with ICC, we provide service and representation at the annual Southern Oregon ‘Stand Down’. In development is a program that will offer options for young men who are “at risk” of experiencing problems with the justice system.

“How much better it is to keep our children from prison then it is to reclaim them upon release”.

Mission Statement

The mission of Veterans In Recovery is to encourage positive life changes for Veterans and non-veterans through mentoring, education, peer support and spiritual guidance. VIR is resolute in their approach to facilitate the successful integration into the community, to ensure a greater probability of continued sobriety; and to reduce recidivism. We offer a continuing program of support and peer mentorship through service to others

Veterans In Recovery

12 Step Dual Addiction Meetings
Every Tuesday evening
at 7:00PM
at the V.A. SORCC,
White City, Oregon